You've got a project. Maybe you're a songwriter and your voice memos just aren't cutting it. Or perhaps you're a publisher or library looking for sync-ready tracks. You might even be looking for songwriting lessons. You need someone with vision and experience who's been there and can guide you along your path. 

I've spent years cutting my teeth as an artist, a songwriter, and a producer and have the tools to help. So whether you need a producer, songwriter, vocalist, or coach, let's start a conversation. 


Music Producer

A music producer takes your song ideas and brings them to life. Do you need a producer? 


Whether you're looking for lessons, a co-writer, or a custom song for any occasion, I can help. Ear-worm hooks are my specialty.


You've done the work. You have a track ready to go but need an experienced top-liner (lyrics, melody, vocals) to add the final touches. Or maybe you've already written the lyrics and need a hired gun vocalist. I can bring my unique voice and perspective to your song.


You're an early-stage artist, producer, or songwriter building your musical portfolio but the music industry is hella confusing and you don't know where to start. I've been in your shoes and have 5 years+ experience developing individuals to reach their next level.